Translation Experts for Global Enterprises

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MultiLing helps many of the world’s largest companies translate their most important documents. Procter & Gamble is one case in point. Since 2000, the $82+ billion consumer packaged goods company has trusted MultiLing to translate patents into 29 languages simultaneously. P&G operates in more than 80 countries. Prior to migrating to MultiLing, the company was burdened with more than 20 translation teams managed locally by their respective foreign agents–with no centralized point of contact and no centralized view into project status or even projected dates of completion. Read the complete case study.

MultiLing delivers accurate, highly specialized and secure translations of both patent and technical documents to global enterprises in the world’s most demanding industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Chemicals
  • Medical/Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive and Other Mechanical Systems

Our uniquely efficient centralized model makes this possible – incorporating five elements vital to every multinational translation project: