New Approach in Managing Translations: The Linport Project

Thanks to some help from MultiLIng, the translation industry is another step closer to simplifying and standardizing a key part of the translation process: translation package compatibility and high overhead involved in the translation project. In the July/August issue of MultiLingual, Brian Chandler, MultiLing’s executive VP of business development and technolog, co-authored an article describing an interesting new approach to address the problem of translation package compatibility and high overhead involved in a translation project.

Linport stands for Language Interoperability Portfolio, where portfolio is to be thought of as a package containing all the elements required for a translation project. The primary purpose behind the Linport project is to simplify and standardize a key part of the translation process, while still allowing essentially anyone to implement it if they would like to. The article gives detailed scientific insights into the development of this universal translation package format.

Together with Brian, Alan Melby (chair of the Localization/Translation and Authoring Consortium, chair of the Translation and Computers committee, and a linguistics professor at Brigham Young University) and Arle Lommel (standards coordinator for the Globalization and Localization Association), have authored this outstanding publication.

Read the full article HERE.