International Patent Translation

How to Handle the Steep Costs of International Patent Translations As the global marketplace continues to expand, the increasing costs of international patent translation become a critical determiner of success for most multinational businesses. Patents provide important legal protection for an enterprise’s vital intellectual property (IP). But when applying for a patent during the national stage of [...]

Professional Document Translation Services

Why Multinational Enterprises Rely on Accurate Professional Document Translation Services Large enterprises seeking to spread their wings into global markets often run into the language barrier, thereby discovering the need for professional document translation. Documents, whether printed or electronic, enable a company to circulate communication like memos, training documents, multimedia materials and other vital documents. Websites [...]

Patent Translation Service Options

Pain Points Associated with Patent Translation Competing on a global market increasingly requires the service of a fast, accurate and secure patent translation service. A patent is a legal document granting certain rights of ownership to an enterprise. By definition, however, a patent’s jurisdiction extends only as far as the country’s recognized borders. A patent obtained [...]

The Importance of International Corporate Translation Services

Why Global Enterprises Require Global Corporate Translation Services Going global has always carried with it a set of linguistic barriers. Overcoming these barriers can break the bank for even the most dynamic multinational organization. For this reason, global corporations will turn to an international corporate translation company to handle everything, from legal documents to training manuals to [...]

Translation Services for Legal Documents

Why Multinational Enterprises need Legal Document Translation Services Even professional translation firms struggle with translation services for legal documents. Alongside the usual linguistic and lexical challenges, legal document translation requires not only a keen grasp of the source and target language, but also a thorough understanding of highly technical fields. This also includes an intimate familiarity [...]

International Patent Protection

MultiLing Delivers Fast, Cost-Efficient International Patent Protection to Multinational Enterprises with Extensive Patent Portfolios International patent protection is a primary concern for any multinational organization. Patents, both domestic and international, provide enterprises with rights and protections over their valuable intellectual property (IP). However, obtaining international IP protection involves fixed application deadlines and requires technically precise, high-quality [...]

Translation Of Legal Documents

Translating Legal Documents Requires Professional Translation Services The translation of legal documents is essential before an enterprise can go global. In order to protect intellectual property (IP), the enterprise must file patents in the jurisdictions where it wants its innovations protected. Beyond patent applications, however, a multinational organization must also concern itself with translating the appropriate contracts [...]

Commercial Patent Translation Services

The Dilemma of International Patents: Where to Start? With increased globalization and web-focused platforms, patent protection has become not only more complicated, but more vital. However, there’s a reason why speaking different languages is called the “language barrier.” This language barrier can hinder a corporation’s patent-filing process to the point where translation costs and delays [...]

PCT International Patent

No Such Thing as International Patents: Why You Need PCT International Patents Before shifting your global enterprise onto the global theater, you’ll likely need a PCT international patent. Patents are necessary to protect your enterprise’s inventions and intellectual property (IP) from competitors. Unfortunately, patents only enforce these protections within the countries where they hold jurisdiction. This [...]

Certified Legal Document Translation

MultiLing Offers Certified Legal Document Translation Successfully establishing an enterprise in another country requires the expertise of professional translators who can provide certified legal document translation. The actual process of launching your business onto the global market is demanding, since it involves the translation of patent documents and applications into a different language. The translation of [...]