Certified Legal Document Translation

MultiLing Offers Certified Legal Document Translation

Successfully establishing an enterprise in another country requires the expertise of professional translators who can provide certified legal document translation. The actual process of launching your business onto the global market is demanding, since it involves the translation of patent documents and applications into a different language.

The translation of legal documents requires more than a simple knowledge of languages. It also requires a thorough grounding in the legal language unique to the target jurisdiction or country, as well as an intimate understanding of specialized fields such as multinational patent translation. It is no simple process, requiring the help of a professional legal document translator.

Problems with Standard Legal Document Translation

Oftentimes, the legal teams from multinational enterprises hire a team of translators to handle document translation in one country, and then an entirely disconnected team to handle all the document translations for another country. This kind of approach leads to a disjointed, uncoordinated effort with several points of contact and little transparency. Other problems can include:

  •  Human error in important document translations
  •  Slow output and delays in deadlines
  •  Unorganized production of translation
  •  Inconsistencies in terms and their respective meanings
  •  Discrepancies in the enterprise’s business documents
  •  Patent rejection

When working with 10, 20, or 30 independent translation agents, it can prove extremely stressful. Taking this approach to global expansion can prove inefficient, frustrating, and costly.

The MultiLing Document Translation Solution

MultiLing provides a streamlined alternative to the usual approach to legal document translation. Our unique centralized translation model is designed to deliver high-quality, on-time translations to companies competing in the most demanding industries in the world. Our centralized translation model has five main facets that keep quality at the heart of every step in the translation process. This model has established MultiLing as a leader in the translation field for the past 25 years.

These five points are:

  1. Specialized Teams. MultiLing only employs translators who are native speakers of the target language. The majority have advanced degrees in technical fields and are well-versed in the technical language of the project’s given field.
  2. Centralized Processes. MultiLing allows its clients to coordinate all their translation projects in all their target jurisdictions through a single point of contact.
  3. Terminology Management. Translators from MultiLing consistently leverage previous translations to shorten turnaround times while increasing the accuracy of our translations.
  4. Quality Control. Through task analysis, project planning, collection of reference files, protection of tags and formatting information, and reviewing source files to ensure file integrity, MultiLing is able to provide error-free translations.
  5. Advanced Technology: The MultiLing software suite includes the proprietary products to streamline translation in a centralized model by transparently managing project deadlines and budgets, building terminology databases, tagging documents with source and target language tools, and creating translation memories.

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Certified legal document translation opens the doors for companies to compete on a global level. With teams proficient in translating important, industry-specific documents into 80+ languages, MultiLing can help you with international patent applications, including international patent translation and with filing for an international patent. For more details, contact usfor a free bid today.