Certified Translation Services

What are Certified Translation Services?

Certified translation services offer so much more than merely converting documents from one language into another. Certification adds an extra level of assurance to the translation’s accuracy. This usually comes in the form of a signed document guaranteeing the reliability of the translation.

This signed guarantee does not mean the translation is completely error free. And, unfortunately, there is no national certification authority in the U.S.

However, certification claims can be bolstered when your translation service is accredited by one (or more) professional national and international translation association. Widespread accreditation is a clear indication of the quality of a translation company’s expertise.

When Are Certified Translation Services Necessary?

Certified translation services are usually required when providing documents to a court of law in another country, as well as when providing legal documents and applications – like an international patent application – to foreign regulatory committees. In order to safeguard your intellectual property, a certified translation service is needed to translate the necessary documents and application materials, to verify that their translations are error-free.

Light-Years beyond Other Certified Translation Services

As a leading certified translation service, MultiLing’s central goal is to provide bulletproof translations for important company documents and international patent applications. Our quality assurance process includes rigorous redundancies executed through our skilled in-house translation teams and our specialized proprietary software. We focus primarily on preventative rather than corrective procedures, getting the translation right the first time, as well as delivering it on time and within budget.

MultiLing’s Certifications, Guaranteeing Top-Caliber Certified Translation Services

With our years of translation experience, MultiLing has amassed – and implemented – several certifications offered by prominent industry organizations, including:

ATA Metric

Developed by the American Translators Association, this method is used to evaluate the quality of translated texts.

LISA Metric

The Localization Industry Standard Association (LISA) is a translation quality model created to promote leading translation and localization practices, mostly for the hardware and software industries. This metric is no longer active, but its methods are still widely recognized as a leading standard in translation quality.

QA Evaluator (US Patent 7653531)

MultiLing pioneered and patented this system as a means to automate quality evaluation of a transition.

SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric Task Force

This translation quality standard was created by SAE International, a global association of more than 128,000 engineers and other experts in the automotive and aerospace industries. We adopted these guidelines to deliver top quality translation services to our clients.

EN 15038 Global Certification

With this certification, we bring our translation process in line with European and Austrian standards. It’s a clear demonstration of a certified translation company’s desire to implement the most stringent practices and produce only the best translations.

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