Commercial Patent Translation Services

The Dilemma of International Patents: Where to Start?

With increased globalization and web-focused platforms, patent protection has become not only more complicated, but more vital. However, there’s a reason why speaking different languages is called the “language barrier.” This language barrier can hinder a corporation’s patent-filing process to the point where translation costs and delays become a drain on business resources. Hiring commercial patent translation services can spare your corporation the headache of future litigation and unnecessary expenditures.

MultiLing Facilitates Your International Patent Application

MultiLing specializes in patent translation services in order to assist enterprises in making their mark on the global stage. MultiLing’s services follow a unique business model that streamlines patent translation, no matter which path you take in the patent process.

Typically, most enterprises follow one of two filing paths. One path is with the European Patent Office (EPO), which provides a patent filing process for 35 nations. The other is through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which has a process for filing with more than 140 countries.

MultiLing’s Advanced Centralized Translation Model

Most translation services have trouble providing transparency to their client liaisons. The clients don’t know who is handling their translation project or how qualified they are. MultiLing offers customized dashboards and a single point of contact, allowing our clients to track the progress of their project and to view the credentials of our highly specialized translation team members.

MultiLing’s centralized translation model also includes other advanced features, including:

·         Specialized Teams. Native speakers are hired to translate into their languages, and most team members have highly specialized degrees that help them understand legal and technical languages.

·         Centralized Processes. MultiLing consolidates translation tasks away from independent teams and agents managed by a hierarchy of enterprise employees, to interactive MultiLing teams that report to enterprise project owners.

·         Terminology Management. Each enterprise has its own terminology for its products, so MultiLing maintains these terms in a database to leverage into future translations.

·         Quality Control. MultiLing drives rigorous, redundant quality controls carried out by both proprietary technology and skilled team members at multiple steps in the translation process.

·         Advanced Technology. For 25 years, MultiLing has engineered powerful software applications that expedite translation projects while also enabling you to track project progress.

Find Your Translation Solution with MultiLing
With teams that speak more than 100 languages all over the globe, MultiLing can provide you with a high-quality translation of legal documents.  International patent protection is vital for the success of any global-scale enterprise, so try our commercial patent translation services and request a free bid today.