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Why World-Class Enterprises Require a Document Translation Company Like MultiLing

For any enterprise operating on the global stage, a document translation company is an essential partner. Everything an enterprise does, from the daily conduct of business to the prosecution of intellectual property (IP) patents, requires the seamless transition of documents from one language to another.

Across the board, MultiLing is the preferred choice for enterprise-class companies across the globe. Industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on MultiLing’s unique centralized model to produce precise and on-time document translations. Additionally, MultiLing’s document-translation practices have also yielded:

  •       Faster turnaround times for translation projects in over 100 language combinations
  •       Reduced cost of administrative and data-handling costs
  •       Reduced risk of error
  •       Improved consistency in the quality of translations through terminology management
  •       Increased transparency when it comes to MultiLing’s in-country, native-speaking translation teams and their credentials

Professional Document Translation for the World’s Most Demanding Industries

MultiLing has never shied away from a challenge and has provided fast, accurate translations businesses across a wide spectrum of complex industries, such as:

  •     Information Technology
  •     Chemicals
  •     Medical/Pharmaceuticals
  •     Automotive
  •     Mechanical Systems

Document Translation Service with High-Caliber Solutions

Every multinational enterprise comes with its own particular portfolio of challenges. The translation of company documents is one of those issues that afflict every corporation to some extent, no matter their industry or expertise. Bridging the linguistic divide can be both time-consuming and costly.

MultiLing prides itself on answering client needs with customized service and cost-controlling practices made possible by our centralized model. With our terminology management, our specialized teams of highly credentialed, native-speaking translation teams, and our advanced proprietary technology, we offer a level of service unsurpassed by other top translation companies, thereby allowing us to translate your critical business or legal documents, including:

  •     Business Proposals
  •     Professional Publications
  •     Training Manuals
  •     Technical Materials
  •     IT Documents
  •     Draft Diagrams
  •     Legal Documents
  •     Localization of Marketing and Other Materials
  •     Website Translation
  •     Online Applications
  •     Intellectual Property and Patent Protection

Enlist the Leading Document Translation Company: Ask MultiLing for a Quote Today

MultiLing is the document translation company capable of providing cutting edge translation of legal documents and other business materials. We provide international patent protection to formidable multinational organizations like Procter & Gamble, Dell, and Teradyne. With our unique centralized model, we are one of the foremost commercial patent translation services in the industry. Request a free bid today and discover how we can help you meet your document-translation needs.