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MultiLing’s Document Translation Services

Establishing a global presence is a challenge for any business, particularly businesses in highly technical fields. Reliable document translation services are necessary to translate legal correspondence, patent applications, and technical materials like manuals, how-to guides, official publications, etc. This proves particularly daunting for companies in specialized areas like information technology, the automotive industry, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble and Dell tried many approaches to this problem. They filed their documents with multiple language teams situated in target-market countries, each team independent of the other, all with different translation standards and practices. It was an expensive, frustrating, and inefficient process, one that led both companies to seek a better document translation solution.

MultiLing provided that solution. Rather than having to reach 10, 20, or 80 independent translation agents, each of them accounting only for the patent and corporate document translation services in their assigned country, MultLing allows companies to correspond with just one point of contact for all their translation needs. Through MultiLing’s centralized document translation service, companies can access twice the number of jurisdictions for the same cost they originally expended on the uncoordinated efforts of their prior document translation services.

Translation of company documents is performed by teams of language specialist, all recruited by MultiLing for their advanced degrees in legal and technical subjects as well as their mastery of languages. By employing experts in various fields, MultiLing is able to produce translated documents that are not only linguistically correct but also technically precise, aimed directly at companies’ target industry and language.

MultiLing has also engineered proprietary document translation software to boost the efforts of its language teams. Terminology databases allow for the sharing and utilization of prior translations and patent filings, allowing for uniform formatting and vocabulary throughout the document translation and patent application process.

MultiLing’s document translation services also extend to localizing website content, multimedia materials, and other vital documents. Their specialized teams, top-tier software, and efficient centralized process have enabled MultiLing to deliver document translations in more than 100 language combinations for some of the world’s leading companies, unlocking previously inaccessible markets and audiences to them.

MultiLing is unmatched among document translation services. For international patentslegal translation servicespatent translation services, and language translation services, it leads the industry. Its work in translation, especially its efforts with Japanese patent translation, makes them the top provider of international translation services. Ask for a bid request today.