Filing for an International Patent

Filing for an International Patent with the EPO and PCT

Many enterprises that have recently decided to expand production globally may be wondering how filing for an international patent works. The challenge is that there really isn’t one universal, international patent that will work everywhere. At this time, each and every country has its own patent laws, with its own filing process. That being said, there are two prime filing pathways for an enterprise that wishes to file in multiple foreign countries.

One pathway is through the EPO, or the European Patent Office, which simplifies the process for filing a patent in most European countries. The other pathway is through a Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT, application, which allows enterprise owners to file in over 140 countries.

Finding Your Ideal Patent-Filing Pathway

Enterprise owners must choose an international patent-filing strategy that will best suit their enterprise’s needs and budget. Some of the factors that entrepreneurs need to take into consideration are:

  •     Technology of established countries
  •     The appeal of the product/services to different audiences
  •     Demographics and social classes

Depending on these factors, an enterprise may choose to follow one or both filing pathways. The EPO is a more likely choice for an enterprise with a product that is only marketable in Europe. The PCT is a better choice for products with a wider potential appeal. The PCT is also more customizable to an enterprise’s needs, allowing a broader base for filing.

Once a filing pathway is chosen, however, and the patent has been granted through the PCT or EPO, your patent must then pass into the national phase where patents must still be filed with the contracting nations. It becomes necessary to hire a translation service to ensure that the language barrier in foreign countries is not become an issue during the patent-filing process.

Multiling Will Guide Your International Patent Search

MultiLing is an international patent translation service that specializes in helping multinational enterprises successfully navigate the patent filing process. Multiling has translated important legal and technical documents for enterprises engaged in some of the most demanding fields in the world, including bioscience, agribusiness, pharmaceutical, life sciences, energy and technology. For the translation process, Multiling coordinates teams of native speakers to help corporations receive the most accurate level of translation possible for their patent process. Once a filing pathway has been approved, the Multiling translators switch into high gear, translating patent proposals well before deadline. Once the proposals are complete, Multiling legal experts stay with the enterprise to make sure that the process undergoes all the necessary steps to achieve international patent protection.

Get a Bid from MultiLing to Facilitate Filing for an International Patent

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