Global Translation Services

 Going Global? When to Think About Global Translation Services

Almost from their inception, businesses must weigh the challenges of entering the global marketplace. They have to consider compatible markets and the inevitable cost of employing global translation services to translate their technical documents, legal documents, and corporate communications.

Worldwide Translation Challenges

Unfortunately many companies get bogged down in the global translation process. Even Fortune 500 heavyweights like Procter & Gamble have noticed this problem, particularly when it comes to the cost of patent translations. Filing hundreds of patents in over 20 countries was costing Procter & Gamble a fortune, and they saw no way to stop the bleeding.

They reviewed their options and determined two things:

·         Patent firms have been slow to adopt new technology.

·         Most translators lack the skillset for highly technical documents or legal documents like patents.

MultiLing’s Global Translation Solutions

MultiLing proved to be the exception to Procter & Gamble’s findings. Having already implemented translation memory technology, as well as project management technology, MultiLing was found to produce a higher grade of translation with far more consistency and with unprecedented transparency for clients.

Some elements Procter & Gamble discovered that contributed to MultiLing’s success included:

Expert Translation Teams

Our translation teams aren’t only versed in linguistics and language translation. They also hold advanced graduate degrees in several highly technical areas and bring intimate knowledge of these fields to their translation efforts. Clients in specialized, scientific industries can trust us to provide flawless translations for their professional colleagues in other countries.

Proprietary Software

MultiLing has led the way in translation software. This is different from machine translation as offered by Google and other websites. Our in-house-developed software serves to centralize and unify our efforts, storing important linguistic and terminology data for reuse in future documents.

Centralized System

Rather than corresponding with a different translation team for each language, MultiLing offers you one point of contact where you can manage all your translation needs. This reduces administrative and maintenance costs, shortens turnaround time, and reduces the risk of errors. With this system in place, we are able to establish an automated schedule and control the reliability and quality of our translations.

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