The Importance of An Intellectual Property Translation Company

 How Multinational Enterprises Use Intellectual Property Translation

Multinational organizations are built around an invention or idea, which makes protecting the intellectual property (IP) supporting that idea a priority, and the hiring of an intellectual property translation company so critical.

Ideas and inventions only benefit an enterprise when that enterprise possesses the rights to it. In order to secure the rights on an invention, the enterprise must patent it. However, a patent only grants territorial rights. In order to patent the product abroad requires translation of the IP documentation, along with other patent application materials.

MultiLing: Protecting Intellectual Property

MultiLing has provided fast, accurate translations to some of the largest patent-holding companies in the world for 25 years. We stand out from all other translation services, providing the best intellectual property protection available to such worldwide enterprises as Procter & Gamble and Dell.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Translation Companies

Our unique centralized model is built upon smaller components that work together to produce unparalleled intellectual property translations. Errors and delays in IP translations can be costly to any organization of any size. MultiLing cuts through the cost, complexity, and risk associated with patent translation by implementing these best practices:

1.       IP translation experts: Our translators possess advanced and graduate degrees in technical fields. This sharpens their understanding and improves the quality of their translations.

2.       Meeting – and Exceeding – Translation Quality Requirements: MultiLing adheres to several of the leading translation guidelines. We have even gone so far as to design and patent our own system for automating the quality evaluation of translations. Other standards we hold to include:

·         EN 15038:2006

·         SAE J2450

·         LISA Metric

·         ATA Metric

·         MultiLing’s QA Evaluator (US Patent 7653531)

3.       Advanced Technology: MultiLing has invested heavily in world-class software that ensures precise and accurate technical translations. Our translation memory tool allows us to reuse and leverage past translations. In addition, our technology allows translators to check the integrity of existing terminology, along with capturing and tracking the source of terms, manage our translation workflow, and track each project from beginning to end

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MultiLing is the intellectual property translation company that specializes in translating and filing your PCT international patent. As the leading international corporate translation company, we also provide translation services for legal documents. Discover more about our language translation services by requesting your free bid today.