International Patent Applications

International Patent Application: Necessary for Growth

If your enterprise is successful and expanding across the country at a rapid rate, you’re probably considering going global. However, the idea of filling out international patent applications and the associated translation costs and deadlines can be daunting.

MultiLing is the leader in multinational intellectual property (IP) translation. We partner with you throughout the patent translation process, providing transparency, a single point of contact, and highly specialized translation teams intimately familiar with patent translation requirements, as well as a spectrum of industry-specific terminology.

MultiLing Makes the Patent Application Process Easy

Filing an international patent application can be challenging, no matter the size or scope of your enterprise. A few things to bear in mind:

There is no such thing as an international patent. Unfortunately, you can’t fill out one patent application form that will protect your innovation or technology in every jurisdiction around the world. Eventually, you must fill out a patent application for each country in which you wish to have IP protection, and that requires filing in that country’s language. 

Collaborating with several translation teams around the globe unnecessarily complicates the process. The first impulse of the legal teams of many globally minded corporations is to engage the services of multiple translation teams, one for each target jurisdiction or nation. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to several unnecessary complications:

  •       Human error in the translation of important documents
  •       Delays in the process which could result in missed deadlines
  •       Almost no transparency into the process
  •       No centralized point of contact
  •       High costs

MultiLing’s centralized translation model eliminates these problems. MultiLing relies upon a unique process that maximizes the efficiency of the translation process while also improving the quality of the translation, lowering the risk of errors and litigation, and reduces the costs of associated with translation-driven office actions.

By working with MultiLing, you can ensure that your important documents will be handled by native speakers who have specialized degrees in technical fields. We have also invested in state-of-the-art software providing translation memory and terminology database management to bolster our translators’ efforts and trim turnaround time.

Request a Bid for MultiLing’s International Patent Application Service

Filing international patent applications serves to protect your valuable intellectual property. Unfortunately, the process can be both costly and complicated. For enterprises whose financial future rests on a successful and timely filing for an international patent, MultiLing provides high-speed and high-quality solutions. For assistance with international patent translation or certified legal document translationrequest a bid from us today.