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Why Enterprises Need International Patent Protection

Glancing at recent headlines, anyone can see evidence of the patent wars: Google, Samsung, and so many others. Watching the titans of the tech industry slug it out makes it obvious to any observer just how important an international patent company is to any multinational enterprise’s success.

International patent protection is vital to safeguarding an enterprise’s vital intellectual property (IP). Every company relies on its innovations. Patents make it possible to safely utilize those innovations abroad, opening doors to vast new markets and manufacturing opportunities.

Unfortunately, obtaining an international patent isn’t a simple process. It requires an investment of time and can accrue significant costs. So why apply for a patent at all, particularly when an enterprise isn’t sure yet whether it’s going multinational or not?

Because international patents are an initial expense that pays off immensely in the long run. Securing intellectual property ensures safe, stable expansions into potential markets later. Even if an enterprise is conflicted over whether it can find a target market on the international scene, securing one’s IP for the future is far more beneficial than any short-term savings.

What is a Patent?

A patent is the right granted to an individual or enterprise, reserving for them the exclusive use of IP, such as a new process or invention. A patent prevents other entities from making, selling, using, or otherwise profiting off of that invention. However, patents are limited in scope, usually lasting a certain time period, and only apply within the borders of the issuing country.

How to Patent Your Product

As a matter of course, most enterprises move quickly to file a patent domestically, but then balk when it comes to the next step: international patent application. Whether this is because of the expenses involved, the complexity and demands of international patent applications, or the various demands of each target country’s international patent law, filing an international patent should nevertheless be made a top priority.

Why Choose MultiLing as an International Patent Translator?

MultiLing is the preferred international patent translation company for many of the largest patent-filers in the world, the ones you don’t often see in the headlines battling over patents.

Most of our clients, several of whom reside on the Fortune 500 list, once entrusted their extensive patent portfolios to other international patent companies before turning to MultiLing for help. They approached us because of our:

·         Long-establish international connections. MultiLing cultivates connections with a network of highly specialized foreign agents all across the globe, all intimately familiar with the unique patent-filing and patent-approval process of numerous nations.

·         Streamlined system with a single point of contact. Rather than having to manage several translation teams through multiple agents, MultiLing provides you with a single point of contact for all your translation projects. We track deadlines and format patent documents, thereby ensuring a smooth patent-filing process.

·         Subject-matter specialists. Our translation teams not only boast extensive language skills. Many have also gone on to obtain advanced degrees in technical fields so that they can apply an intimate understanding of a patent’s subject matter to their translation.

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