International Patent Filing

How to Get an International Patent?

At present, there is no worldwide patent. International patent filing is a lengthy process requiring country-by-country filing.

There are organizations that help provide some limited protections during the patent-filing and patent-translation process. The European Patent Organization (EPO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are two widespread patent providers, each with their own advantages and requirements.

Unfortunately, just filing with them can be a complex and lengthy procedure. Even when your patent application is accepted, you still must file with the individual countries where you wish to market your product or service. Translating those patents for the national offices can also cause untimely, and oftentimes costly, delays.

MultiLing’s Patent-Translation and Patent-Filing Help

The best way to circumvent these difficulties is to find an experienced international patent company with decades of experience, contacts with foreign agents who are adept at navigating local patent-filing procedures, and world-class patent translation options.

For more than 20 years, MultiLing has facilitated patent filings for multinational enterprises. No matter the organization you decide to file with, MultiLing can usher you through the process, reducing your anxiety and the overall cost of the patent while simultaneously optimizing the patent’s life and value.

When Filing with the EPO, Call MultiLing

The EPO has long provided an efficient patent-filing process for all 38 of its contracting states, along with several extension states. If your company is gearing up to enter Europe’s marketplace, the EPO provides a cost-effective pathway to file consecutively in multiple European nations.

Along with our unique translation services, MultiLing has also established connections with expert foreign agents in all European countries in order to help our clients successfully complete the EPO’s validation process. Throughout the entire application procedure, MultiLing helps you by tracking deadlines and submitting forms. We even ensure that your patent remains active by, upon request, reminding you to pay the yearly annuities.

MultiLing’s PCT Expertise

The Patent Cooperation Treaty provides a cohesive process for filing patent applications, extending international patent protection in more than 140 countries. The difficulty is that each country imposes different deadlines, time limits, and restrictions, which can turn any patent application into an ordeal.

MultiLing’s international network provides valuable insight into the practices of every PCT-associated country. We keep track of deadlines, format documents to fit each nation’s specific guidelines, and ensure a painless international patent-filing process.

Optimize your International Patent Filing – Request a Bid from MultiLing

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