International Patent Protection

MultiLing Delivers Fast, Cost-Efficient International Patent Protection to Multinational Enterprises with Extensive Patent Portfolios

International patent protection is a primary concern for any multinational organization. Patents, both domestic and international, provide enterprises with rights and protections over their valuable intellectual property (IP). However, obtaining international IP protection involves fixed application deadlines and requires technically precise, high-quality translations.

With MultiLing’s unique centralized translation model, you can count on:

·         Improved translation quality and consistency

·         In-country, native-speaking translators

·         Reduced time to grant

·         Lower translation costs

·         Elimination of office actions related to translation

·         Transparency: You know who your translators are and their credentials

International Patent Application and the PCT

With the help of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), enterprises can seek patent protections for an invention from several contracting countries. International patents can be acquired through the PCT in two stages:

1.       The International Stage

The first is labeled the “international stage.” Any citizen or resident of a PCT-contracting state can apply for a patent. The application is then subjected to an international search. These patent searches list citations from published documents that may affect the IP’s patentability. This list is compiled in an international search report and is usually accompanied by a written opinion by the search authority.

2.       The National Stage

Then the patent application enters the national phase. At this point, the PCT grants an organization 18 months to decide in which countries it intends to apply for patent protection. Once that decision is made, it becomes necessary to translate the patent application into the languages of the desired nations.

Rising Translation Charges: The Cost of a Patent

Unfortunately, more and more of the cost of a patent is swallowed up in translation costs. These patent costs rise when poor-quality translations are submitted and office actions must take place. Deadlines loom, and even one inaccuracy in the translation can leave an enterprise exposed to litigation risk.

MultiLing has a track record of shortening turnaround times so deadlines are always met. We leverage previous translations and use native, in-country translators to further expedite the patent application process, as well as to create accurate translations.

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MultiLing provides international patent protection to formidable multinational organizations like Procter & Gamble, Teradyne and Yokohama Rubber. With our unique centralized translation model, we are one of the foremost commercial patent translation services in the industry. MultiLing also uses its specialized translation teams and cutting-edge technology to help enterprises with the translation of legal documents. Request a free bid today and discover how we can galvanize your international patenting efforts.