International Patent Translation

How to Handle the Steep Costs of International Patent Translations

As the global marketplace continues to expand, the increasing costs of international patent translation become a critical determiner of success for most multinational businesses. Patents provide important legal protection for an enterprise’s vital intellectual property (IP). But when applying for a patent during the national stage of the process, it is often necessary to translate international patent applications into another language in order to meet the specifications of a target country or jurisdiction. Translation costs, however, can prove burdensome, especially in the current sluggish financial atmosphere. Many enterprises are naturally looking to trim their budgets, especially when it comes to the steep cost of patent translation. To counter rising costs, the legal teams for many multinational organizations have turned to patent translation services like MultiLing. MultiLing has strategies in place designed to reduce costs without compromising translation quality or patent enforceability. Most of these strategies involve:

  •            A single point of contact for all patent prosecution projects
  •            Transparency when it comes to translation teams, patent project progress, etc.
  •            Teams of professional translators who also possess advanced degrees in legal and technical fields
  •            Leveraging previous translations to shorten turnaround times
  •            Translation memory and terminology management tools
  •            A quality-controlled centralized process

Companies that turn to MultiLing soon discovered the benefits of this specialized yet streamlined approach:

  •            Increased efficiency, which yielded twice the numbers of international filings while maintaining relatively flat budgets
  •            Improved quality and consistency of translation
  •            Shortened turnaround time
  •            Reduced administrative and maintenance costs
  •            Reduced time to grant
  •            Reduced risk of errors and litigation
  •            Elimination of translation-related office actions

MultiLing: Ensuring Accurate and Budget-Friendly Patent Translations MultiLing provides leading IP translation best practices to many Fortune 500 companies that boast some of the largest and most competitive patent portfolios in the world. With 25 years of experience and a unique centralized model built upon a single point of contact, expert translation teams, advanced proprietary software, and strict standards of quality control, MultiLing delivers high-quality and on-time multinational patent translations. For High-Caliber International Patent Translation, Request a Quote from MultiLing International patent translation is essential to the success of any enterprise interested in competing on a global level. With teams that translate important documents into 80+ languages, MultiLing can help with filing for an international patent in jurisdictions all across the world. For assistance with your international patent applications or certified legal document translation, request a bid today.