International Translation Services

MultiLing’s Superior International Translation Services

International translation services are increasingly in demand among enterprises seeking to break into new global markets. But those already competing on a global scale already know that not all translation teams are created equal and are seeking a more efficient alternative to the usual patent translation model.

Most internationally-minded companies resort to dozens of translation teams located around the globe, each team managed locally by an independent contractor. With no project management or team collaboration, every patent is an individual project and every team must be corresponded with and monitored separately. The result is usually a maddening process fraught with delays. Inaccurate translations are common and lead to patent rejections and climbing filing costs. Couple that with no transparency as to project progress or deadlines and the patent process can quickly descend into an administrative nightmare.

Fortune 500 heavyweights like Procter & Gamble and Dell both dealt with this model as they sought to reach more international markets. Frustrated by the frequent delays and excessive costs racked up by these less-than-effective translation services, they turned to MultiLing for an international translation solution.

MultiLing’s unique, centralized translation model eliminates the weaknesses of the prior methods and streamlines the translation process. Its translation teams consist of native speakers with advanced technical and legal degrees. By employing teams that specialize not only in the linguistic aspects of clients’ patents, but also in the professional lexicon that populates every industry’s products and processes, MultiLing provides more accurate translations. The international translation teams also have terminology databases and cross-team collaboration, allowing access to a wealth of prior patent publication language and terminology, which in turn significantly increases the likelihood of patent approval.

By utilizing MultiLing’s unique international translation service, companies gain a strategic advantage over their global competition. With its specialized translation teams and proprietary software, MultiLing reduces the risk of patent rejection or dispute, thereby lowering the patent’s overall ownership cost throughout the life of the patent. Companies allied with MultiLing often see their intellectual property filings rocket to as much as 200 percent, empowering them to reach twice as many target markets with less risk and no additional cost.

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