IP Translation Company

Why You Need an IP Translation Company

An IP translation company provides the translation of intellectual property into a wide range of languages in order to satisfy the demands of international patent filings.

Critical Intellectual Property Translation

For any enterprise, your intellectual property (IP) is what sets you apart from your competitors. For that reason, your IP has to be protected, which can be especially tricky once your enterprise decides to go multinational and needs that IP translated into the languages of your target jurisdictions.

These IP translations usually fall under the responsibility of an enterprise’s legal counsel. Unfortunately, most legal counsels often rely on several unconnected translation teams coordinated through multiple disparate foreign agents in what can quickly become a time-consuming, expensive, and risky process.

Without reliable translations into the appropriate legal language of the target country, a patent might not provide your IP with the protection requisite to keep it safe from knock-off artists and IP thieves.

For IP Translations, Discover the MultiLing Difference

Increasingly, many companies, several Fortune 500 giants among them, turn to MultiLing’s IP translation expertise. As an acknowledged leader in multinational patent translation, we offer services and products no other translation company can provide.

With our unique business model and 20+ years of experience, our focus rests mainly on enterprises that handle highly specialized IP materials and also require highly secure translations. In particular, we’ve met the needs of leading innovators in:

·         Information technology

·         Medical technology

·         Chemical

·         Automotive

·         Biotechnology

MultiLing’s Unique Central Model

MultiLing employs a game-changing centralized translation model that ensures higher quality results for your IP translations while simultaneously lowering your administrative and maintenance costs, and shortening your translation turnaround times.

With this model in place, we outperform every other translation company, opening up twice the jurisdictions to your enterprise for the same spend. Several successful factors of our model include:

Single Point of Contact. Your law firm only has to coordinate with one project manager, no matter how many languages and jurisdictions you’re targeting.

Specialized Translators. Our translation teams consist of language experts that also boast an array of advanced and graduate degrees in various technical and legal fields.

Advanced Technology. We don’t rely on software-driven translations, but we have created several innovative programs that allow easier cross-referencing of terminology and legal language to bolster our efforts.

Quality Control. MultiLing leads the way in creating best practices for multinational IP translations.

For Unmatched Intellectual Property Translation, Request a Bid from MultiLing

MultiLing is the IP translation company that raises the bar for the rest of the industry. No other international translation company can provide our combination of IP translation expertise, global connections, highly skilled staff and advanced technology in order to optimize your commercial patent translation. Contact us and request a bid today.