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MultiLing’s Unmatched Language Translation Services

Language translation services across the globe are acutely aware of the distinct nuances of language. They understand that direct word-to-word translation never captures the full meaning of the original text. There is a barrier that transcends the merely mechanical, and oftentimes awkward, word-for-word substitutions produced by online translation engines. Cultural differences affect their companion language, rendering phrases and idiomatic expressions extremely problematic to translate. When you shift into more specialized arenas, such as medicine or legal documents, the challenge becomes insurmountable for the available online options.

When looking up a specific term or phrase, an online translator can be instructive. But for the rigorous linguistic overhaul required for a secure, accurate patent translation, or the translation of other technical and legal documents, software isn’t sufficient. Even the most sophisticated translation program requires human oversight to navigate the subtle, yet complex, differences dividing languages.

MultiLing has been bridging that gap for decades now, providing quality translations to high-volume customers. As a leading language translation company, MultiLing has spent years perfecting its approach to the obstacles posed by language, seeking to clear the way for innovators and companies to offer their services and goods to the global market.

A language translation service company must slice through the difficulties involved in translating a patent request. However, most translation services deliver the uncoordinated efforts of several different teams headed by independent local agents, a decentralized model that is woeful outdated and that often leads to costly delays and error-ridden translations.

MultiLing employs a streamlined service that is the envy of language translation service providers. With teams of experts not only with linguistic degrees, but also higher degrees in technical and legal fields, along with powerful translation software that tracks terminology and allows for resource-sharing among local teams, MultiLing delivers secure, error-free translations. Along with a customized client checklist and a centralize contact point, MultiLing bends all of its efforts to accommodating its customers and keeping them up to date on their patent translation progress.

MultiLing’s process allows customers to access twice the number of jurisdictions they would have with any other language translation services, albeit with less cost and less risk. Bastions of industry like Dell, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and Intuit, have all entrusted their vital legal and technical documents to MultiLing’s efficient language translation services.

MultiLing is unmatched among language translation services. For international patents, legal translation servicespatent translation services, and document translation services, they lead the industry. Their work in translation, especially their efforts with Japanese patent translation, makes them the top provider of international translation services. Ask for a bid request today.