Legal Business Translation Services

The Importance of Legal Business Translation Services in a Global Market

A multinational enterprise needs reliable and accurate legal business translation services to guarantee the safety of its vital intellectual property (IP).

Without a universally recognized international patent, companies must turn to entities like the Patent Cooperation Treaty or the European Patent Organization. But these groups only provide a window of protection, usually eighteen months, in which to file properly translated patent applications to all the target countries where you wish to do business.

When translating legal business documents from one language to another, disciplined precision and attention to detail is critical. MultiLing provides more than just discipline and an attention to detail. Our professional translation teams usually boast a background in not only language translation, but also in technical and scientific fields. They are assisted by advanced proprietary technologies that help unify their efforts by leveraging past translations.

Working with Various Translation Agencies = High Risk

Binding legal documents, no matter the language, must carry the full force of the law, especially in documents like:

  •          Contracts
  •          Agreements
  •          Patent applications

Any minor translation error in any of these documents could risk thousands, sometimes millions, in lost revenue. That’s why many multinational companies allocate hefty budgets toward patent translation efforts, usually employing a translation agency (or several agencies) to ensure that the process is correctly completed.

However, many of those translation agencies are disconnected and unorganized, making it hard for a business to coordinate multiple translation projects with them. Deadlines must be met, but are often missed due to delays or miscommunication between local agents. Among the risk of miscommunication are the following problems that come from working with various translation agencies:

  1.        Inconsistency in terminology use and management
  2.        High fees and slow output
  3.        No level of expertise in the enterprise’s technical field
  4.        Very little use of advanced technology
  5.        High risk of errors

MultiLing’s Unique Business Model

Legal translation services must be provided by a dependable company that has seen successful results and has consistent systems in place to handle every project. MultiLing has delivered reliable, accurate patent translations companies with many of the most extensive patent portfolios in the world. We maintain a level of excellence and affordable rates through our unique, streamlined business model. This business model has allowed us to provide translation services for the following needs:

  •          Translating and localizing technical manuals, websites and other customer-driven documents
  •          Testing software and checking translations within the software
  •          Performing legal translations of office actions, written arguments, amendments and petitions
  •          Translating and localizing websites, training manuals and how-to guides

For Certified Document Translation, Request a Free Bid from MultiLing

MultiLing, as a commercial translation services company, has 25 years of experience providing legal business translation services to global enterprises. We are the certified translation service company that provides quick, efficient and accurate translations with competitive pricing. Our quality control standards and advanced technology help us provide high-caliber certified document translation to many Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about us, request a free bid today.