Legal Translation Services

Precise Legal Translation Services

As companies seek to expand their products and services into the global marketplace, it becomes necessary to employ legal translation services to aid in the patenting of those products and services.

Legal documents, like patents, create protections where innovators can thrive and booming new industries can create jobs and generate value all across the world, rather than confining those innovations to their country of origin. However, patenting on an international level can be complicated, requiring fluency not only in the origin and target languages, but also in the specialty language involved in the patent’s industry, as well as the language of the law.

Legal translation services shoulder a heavy burden when it comes to safeguarding intellectual property. Translations must be impeccable and precise. One misspelled, misplaced, or mistranslated word and the patent can be challenged, deemed unenforceable by patent authorities, or outright rejected by the patent office. Such outcomes often lead to the loss of millions of dollars for the corporations involved, and could risk the loss of that particular market, or even the product or process itself, in the worst-case scenario.

MultiLing specializes in legal translation services, including patent language, written arguments, office actions, amendments, appeals, and court petitions. For decades they have proven themselves the clear leader in accurate, secure translations which ensures protections for a corporation’s most complicated processes and invaluable products.

Leading computer distributors like Dell, drug development companies like Carbogen Amcis, and the top manufacturer and distributer of household goods, Procter & Gamble, have depended on MultiLing to translate their legal documents for years. Through its innovative, flexible, and client-interactive model, MultiLing has defended these companies’; highly competitive services in a rapidly expanding global market where intellectual property theft often mandates stringent patent enforcement.

In the case of corporate legal document translation, companies can’t afford to take the short-cuts utilized by most other legal document translation firms. MultiLing employs teams of translation specialists boasting the highest academic honors for language excellence and also experts with advanced degrees in the legal and technical fields.

And after decades of experience as a translation service, MultiLing has perfected cutting-edge translation software and databases to unify terminology, track formatting, and recall past translations so that the efforts of the various legal document translation teams are constantly coordinated.

MultiLing is the preferred choice for many Fortune 500 companies when it comes to legal translation services. For patent translation servicesinternational patentslanguage translation services, and document translation services, they lead the industry. Their work in translation, especially in Japanese patent translation, makes them the premier provider of international translation services. Ask for a bid request today.