Localization Company

Reach Your Global Audience with a Localization Company

Breaking into the international market is a complex, demanding endeavor, one made infinitely easier by retaining the services of an efficient localization company.

It isn’t all about translation, however. Although it plays a large role in preparing technical documents and other specialized business materials for foreign markets, it is only one step in the process. Localization involves an intimate understanding of not only the target language, but also the target country.

Other components can include using the proper date format, local currencies, the correct layout of phone numbers and addresses, as well as local sensitivities and habits. Taking these and many other factors into account, a proficient localization service is able to adapt your company’s documents so your business transitions smoothly into a new target country.

MultiLing Surpasses All Other Localization Companies

MultiLing specializes in both translation and localization. Our highly skilled translators, engineers, terminologists, and linguists understand that the quality of any company’s technical documents can reflect on the quality of the product. For this reason, we’re dedicated to providing the most accurate, reliable, and consistent translation and localization process available.

To accomplish this, we assemble translation teams that are not only proficient in both the source and target language of your documents, but are also intimately familiar with the technical aspects of your project. These teams leverage our advanced proprietary technology and our centralized process to ensure quick, accurate, and cost-effective localization, allowing you to increase your market share and profit.

Meeting All Your Translation Needs

MultiLing delivers top-caliber translation and localization to the world’s leading innovators in many of the most highly technical fields. Documents and other materials pertaining to medical pharmaceuticals, information technology, chemicals, and mechanical and automotive systems, have all passed through MultiLing’s rigorous processes and gone on to contribute to the success of several companies, many of whom number among the Fortune 500.


Our experienced teams combine the efforts of translators and engineers to produce localized software products. Whether your software is still in development, completed, or already in circulation, MultiLing’s teams provide an elegant, structured approach to implement multi-language support into your product.


No matter the country, websites have swiftly become essential for any business. As they become more prevalent, however, they also becoming more complex, making the globalization effort a challenging one. MultiLing is able to handle many formats, including C++, Java, and HTML. With the help of our localization teams, we create globalized versions of your website that accurate represent your company’s image.

Audio/Visual Products

Challenges that affect the localization of audio and visual products often come down to matching program length and synchronizing lip movement. Transliteration is required in addition to translation. When entrusted with an audio/visual localization product, MultiLing only utilizes translators and narrators who are native speakers of the source language and proficient in the target language’s idiomatic changes. Additionally, the narrator’s vocal delivery must contain no discernible accent.

For Professional Localization Services, Request a Bid from MultiLing

MultiLing is a leader among professional language translation services, a localization company with the experience, global connections, highly trained staff and proprietary technology, to optimize your international patent filing process. We’re one of the leading innovators in intellectual property translations. Contact us and request a bid today.