International Patent Filing

How to Get an International Patent? At present, there is no worldwide patent. International patent filing is a lengthy process requiring country-by-country filing. There are organizations that help provide some limited protections during the patent-filing and patent-translation process. The European Patent Organization (EPO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are two widespread patent providers, each with their [...]

Legal Document Translation Services

Why Multinational Enterprises Need Legal Document Translation Services All enterprises rely upon their innovations, the new products and processes that set them apart from all their competitors. To safeguard those products and processes, however, enterprises require the services of experienced legal document translation services. With the growth of the global marketplace, it’s inevitable that an enterprise’s [...]

International Patent Company

Why Enterprises Need International Patent Protection Glancing at recent headlines, anyone can see evidence of the patent wars: Google, Samsung, and so many others. Watching the titans of the tech industry slug it out makes it obvious to any observer just how important an international patent company is to any multinational enterprise’s success. International patent protection is [...]

Foreign Language Translation Services

Multinational Enterprises Need a Foreign Language Translation Service When the international marketplace is your destination, certain steps and precautions, including foreign language translation services, become necessary. Patent applications need to be filed and validated by foreign patent offices, requiring extensive technical translations. Scientific materials, procedural manuals, legal contracts and website content all must be adapted to [...]

Corporate Patent Translation

Pitfalls of Corporate Patent Translation Problems surrounding corporate patent translation have long challenged multinational enterprises. On the one hand, translating corporate patents is essential to protecting an enterprise’s vital intellectual property (IP). Unfortunately, since there is no centralized global patent administrative body, corporate patents must be filed in multiple jurisdictions and in a daunting variety of languages. [...]

The Importance of An Intellectual Property Translation Company

 How Multinational Enterprises Use Intellectual Property Translation Multinational organizations are built around an invention or idea, which makes protecting the intellectual property (IP) supporting that idea a priority, and the hiring of an intellectual property translation company so critical. Ideas and inventions only benefit an enterprise when that enterprise possesses the rights to it. In order to [...]

Intellectual Property Translations

Intellectual Property Translations: What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property translations are an important step in acquiring legal protection for an enterprise’s valuable intellectual property (IP). This type of protection is usually obtained in the form of a patent. Intellectual property is a product or idea that has been created by someone that could be considered a [...]

IP Translation Company

Why You Need an IP Translation Company An IP translation company provides the translation of intellectual property into a wide range of languages in order to satisfy the demands of international patent filings. Critical Intellectual Property Translation For any enterprise, your intellectual property (IP) is what sets you apart from your competitors. For that reason, your IP [...]

International Translation Company

What can an International Translation Company do for you? An international translation company clears the way for your enterprise to grow globally. Before embarking into new markets, your intellectual property (IP) needs to be patented and protected. Other corporate materials have to undergo a localization process so your enterprise’s staff can expand into other nations obstacle-free. Make [...]

IP Translation Expertise

 Protect Your Vital IP Documents with IP Translation Expertise To safeguard your intellectual property (IP) during a multinational expansion, your enterprise needs IP translation expertise. Your intellectual property is the advantage you hold over others in your industry. It represents your enterprise’s innovations and advances. A patent presents legal guidelines that help prevent thieves from stealing [...]