Legal Business Translation Services

The Importance of Legal Business Translation Services in a Global Market A multinational enterprise needs reliable and accurate legal business translation services to guarantee the safety of its vital intellectual property (IP). Without a universally recognized international patent, companies must turn to entities like the Patent Cooperation Treaty or the European Patent Organization. But these groups only [...]

Commercial Translation Services Company

Commercial Translation Services Company: Choosing a Third-Party Service Many corporate enterprises may be surprised to learn that their company’s translation department may not be the best equipped to deal with procuring patents in foreign countries. Whether the problem is efficiency of the translation process, quality of the given translation, or increased budgetary demands, corporations often [...]

Certified Translation Service Company

What to Look for in a Certified Translation Service Company Enterprises determined to safeguard their intellectual property in another country require help from a certified translation service company in order to file patent applications in that country’s language. This requires submitting both legal and technical documents to patent offices. Prior to submission, however, these documents must undergo [...]

Certified Document Translation

Certified Document Translation An enterprise’s ability to succeed in a foreign country often depends on whether they can rely on certified document translation. Without document translation services, enterprises are unable to protect their intellectual property. Legal issues require expert translation from professionals that know the target language on a native level. A translation company that relies [...]

Technical Document Translation Services

As enterprises rely more on technological advances and broadening market reach to spur their success, their reliance on technical document translation services increases as well. Although technical documents are not limited to merely documenting the processes and uses of technology, most technical writings refer or relate to technological fields, along with their specific terminologies. As a result, [...]

Technical Document Translation

Technical Documentation Translation: Necessary for Global Expansion Technical documentation translation allows multinational enterprises to seamlessly transition to new markets. Technical documents are at the heart of a business’s vital processes and products: user manuals, how-to guides, research handbooks, etc. Without those documents, that transition to a new market inevitably suffers from gaps in knowledge and training which [...]

IP Translation

Problems with the IP translation Process Enterprises intent on protecting their intellectual property apply for patents in foreign countries. But patent prosecutions subject these enterprises to significant risks, especially if they are working with unrelated IP translation providers around the world. The following points outline a few of the problems that coincide with intellectual property (IP) filings: [...]

How to Get an International Patent

Is it Possible to Get an International Patent? If you’re one among many enterprises wondering how to get an international patent, you’re not alone. It’s a costly process, mainly because an international patent does not exist. Companies must file a patent with the country where they wish to obtain a patent, which requires teams of translators [...]

Professional Language Translation Services

Challenges Facing International Enterprises Professional language translation services are key to any company intent on “going global.” Before striking out for international markets, you must secure your intellectual property. Unfortunately a U.S. patent only protects your IP within the United States’ borders. In order to market your product elsewhere you must file patents with the appropriate [...]

Localization Company

Reach Your Global Audience with a Localization Company Breaking into the international market is a complex, demanding endeavor, one made infinitely easier by retaining the services of an efficient localization company. It isn’t all about translation, however. Although it plays a large role in preparing technical documents and other specialized business materials for foreign markets, it [...]