Professional Document Translation Services

Why Multinational Enterprises Rely on Accurate Professional Document Translation Services

Large enterprises seeking to spread their wings into global markets often run into the language barrier, thereby discovering the need for professional document translation.

Documents, whether printed or electronic, enable a company to circulate communication like memos, training documents, multimedia materials and other vital documents. Websites also contain sometimes hundred – even thousands – of pages that require professional translation before it’s ready for your enterprise’s target markets.

With MultiLing’s unique model – tailored toward centralized process, a single point of contact, and speedy, cost-effective document translations – we provide an accurate and cost-effective translation service that can help ensure a seamless transition into virgin markets.

Highly Specialized Professional Translation Services

Many companies have felt the sting when a mistranslated advertising campaign leads to worldwide embarrassment. And several have also suffered costly setbacks and delays when communications and other essential transitional documents fail to convey their intended meaning.

Faulty or unspecialized translations can lead to breakdowns in any organization. They can threaten a corporation with:

·         Overall negative perception of brand and/or products

·         Customer and employee confusion and frustration

·         Losses in productivity/lost market opportunities

MultiLing has provided business document translation to several multinational groups, among them Fortune 500 companies with daunting scopes and sizes. We won their trust because we offer professional translation services made possible through our unique centralized model. Rather than outsourcing translation work, we keep it in-house, utilizing select document translation teams who come equipped with both translation skills and intimate knowledge of your specific industry.

Using Terminology and Technology to Provide Unparalleled Document Translation Service

MultiLing’s specialized teams are able to translate client documents into over 100 language combinations in large part because of our terminology practices and advanced proprietary technologies. Through our terminology management teams, we’re able to

·         Coordinate and develop glossaries and dictionaries to improve linguistic consistency and hasten the translation process

·         Research and build out terminology databases that can be integrated with our advanced software

·         Update, edit and review terminology glossaries and databases with regularity

We’ve spent the last 25 years and invested millions in developing and advancing technology solutions to document translation. These proprietary systems provide MultiLing with a strategic advantage in areas such as:

·         Translation Memory

·         Project Management

·         Translation Workflow

·         Terminology Management

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Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Intuit, Procter & Gamble and IBM rely on MultiLing’s unmatched professional document translation services to facilitate their international communications. As a leading patent translation service, MultiLing specializes in IP translation, helping our clients through the complex process of how to get an international patent. Discover more about how we can optimize your international efforts by requesting a free bid today.