Professional Language Translation Services

Challenges Facing International Enterprises

Professional language translation services are key to any company intent on “going global.” Before striking out for international markets, you must secure your intellectual property.

Unfortunately a U.S. patent only protects your IP within the United States’ borders. In order to market your product elsewhere you must file patents with the appropriate authority, usually a national patent office, and that application must be in the local language.

This is perhaps the most frustrating and expensive part of the globalizing process. Hiring a reliable translation firm is vital to protecting your intellectual property, but so many patent translations are riddled with errors and don’t survive the rigorous patent-validation process.

MultiLing: Experienced Language Translation Services

With decades of achievement and clients numbered among the Fortune 500, MultiLing is a leader among professional translation services. Our unique centralized translation model ensures a fast, painless, cost-effective solution to any global enterprises’ translation challenges.

Besides our experience and innovative translation process, MultiLing offers other benefits that rank us among the top commercial translation services:

Highly Credentialed Translation Professionals

We don’t just offer native speakers with degrees in linguistics and languages. Our specialized translation teams are all native speakers working from their home countries, but our team members also possess advanced or graduate degrees in many technical and legal fields. That way we can guarantee that everyone who handles your patent filings is intimately familiar with both the intricacies of the source and target languages as well as the technical details of your patent.

World-Class Proprietary Technology

MultiLing has invested millions of dollars into developing our own proprietary technology. This technology boosts the efforts of our skilled teams, improving their translation quality and reducing errors. Our technology serves several functions, including:

·         Translation memory

·         Translation workflow

·         Terminology management

·         Project management

Quality Standards and Certifications

MultiLing adheres to, and exceeds, the requirements of the translation industry’s leading standards organizations. Our goal is to deliver the best-quality translations, and we do so by drawing from the following organizations and guidelines:

·         EN 15038 Global Certification

·         LISA Metric

·         SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric Taskforce

·         ATA Metric

·         MultiLing’s QA evaluator

For Professional Language Translation Services, Request a Bid from MultiLing

As a leader among professional language translation services, MultiLing is the localization company with the experience, global connections, highly skilled staff and proprietary technology to optimize your international patent filing process. We’re one of the leading innovators in intellectual property translations. Contact us and request a bid today.