Translation Of Legal Documents

Translating Legal Documents Requires Professional Translation Services

The translation of legal documents is essential before an enterprise can go global. In order to protect intellectual property (IP), the enterprise must file patents in the jurisdictions where it wants its innovations protected.

Beyond patent applications, however, a multinational organization must also concern itself with translating the appropriate contracts and agreements. This process requires a translator steeped not only in translation but also the legal vocabulary of the target language.

MultiLing translators are hired to do much more than translating legal documents. For that reason, MultiLing hires translators who, in addition to possessing degrees in language translation, also have:

·         Advanced degrees in law and various scientific and technical fields

·         Knowledge of patent language translation guidelines

·         Training in MultiLing’s advanced translation technology software

Better Translations Mean Better Legal Protection

Protecting your IP is crucial when expanding into another jurisdiction. To safeguard your innovations, you need the full force of the law on your side.

But when filing patents or drafting contracts, even one mistranslated word can change the scope and meaning of the document. And because each language has its own precise legal terminology, translation can be especially difficult for translators without experience in the target nation’s legal language and practices. That is why MultiLing works to ensure that all hands that touch your project possess detailed legal training in order to provide your organization with precise, accurate translations.

What Makes Our Translating Process Unique?

By utilizing our uniquely designed model, we provide high-quality legal document translation. The five pillars of our model include:

1.       Specialized Teams. We only hire native speakers that are intimately familiar with technical knowledge of your translation project’s subject matter.

2.       Centralized Processes. MultiLing offers a convenient one point of contact to coordinate all your patent applications.

3.       Terminology Management. Our specialized teams develop style guides, dictionaries and databases to keep terminology consistent and accurate.

4.       Quality Control. Through our project planning and organizational priorities, we are able to ensure high-quality translation.

5.       Advanced Translation Technology. We’ve invested millions in developing specialized translation software like Semantis, Advantis, GoldenEye and Fortis to help us translate legal documents.

Let MultiLing Provide High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Translations of Your Legal Documents. Get a Bid Today.

MultiLing uses its translation teams and cutting-edge technology to help multinational enterprises with the translation of legal documents. We also provide international patent protection to organizations like Procter & Gamble, IBM and Yokohama Rubber. With our unique centralized model, we are one of the foremost commercial patent translation services in the industry. Request a free bid today and discover how we can streamline your patenting process.