Translation Services for Legal Documents

Why Multinational Enterprises need Legal Document Translation Services

Even professional translation firms struggle with translation services for legal documents. Alongside the usual linguistic and lexical challenges, legal document translation requires not only a keen grasp of the source and target language, but also a thorough understanding of highly technical fields. This also includes an intimate familiarity with each language’s legal terminology, which is crucial to the success of translated legal documents.

Contracts, agreements, and especially patent applications – all binding legal documents, no matter what language they’re in – must carry the full force of the law. A multinational enterprise relies on the strength of the law to protect valuable intellectual property (IP). Innovations, inventions, discoveries and services all must be preserved. Innovations stolen by the competition can represent the loss of millions.

It’s no wonder so many of the world’s leading multinational companies commit small fortunes to protecting their IP. Patents in particular preserve a company’s right to their product and discoveries. A patent, however, isn’t easy to come by and involves more than just an investment of funds. Paperwork must be dealt with, deadlines must be met, and vital technical and legal documents must be translated into the languages of the target jurisdictions.

What goes into the Translation of Legal Documents?

It would be simple if legal document language could be fed into an online translation machine. Unfortunately, machine translation hasn’t come nearly far enough to accomplish this task, mainly because legal document translation involves more than translating words directly from one language into the next. A precise understanding of the “legalese” of both languages is necessary. Much of legal language is culture-dependent, and the legal culture of one country doesn’t always match that of another.

Best Practices of Top Document Translation Services

MultiLing utilizes matchless legal translation services that have won the confidence of some of the most formidable patent-holding companies in the world. These businesses rely on the legal protections afforded by well-crafted patents, so much so that they left their previous translation service companies and switched to MultiLing for several reasons:

  • Highly skilled translation teams: our professional translation services include teams of native speakers with peerless expertise in patent language and who possess advanced degrees in law and scientific fields in addition to their linguistic skills.
  • Advanced technology: our in-house technology bolsters the efforts of our specialized teams, enabling them to leverage the terminology of successful past patents to strengthen your application.
  • International standards: MultiLing adheres to, and even writes, some of the leading quality assurance metrics and certifications in the legal document translation business. We use exacting methods to control the quality of our translations.

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