January Employee of the Month: Quiet and Humble Micah Watkins

Congratulations to Micah Watkins on being named MultiLing’s employee of the month for January! Micah is MultiLing’s controller, which means he makes sure MultiLing’s employees get their paychecks. He also consolidates the financial statements from each entity, manages the billing and collections process for clients, and handles the payment process for vendors. A native of […]

Stop Making These Three Patent Filing Mistakes, Says Our Jeremy Coombs

In an article on today’s, senior VP of operations at MultiLing, Jeremy Coombs, outlined what he sees as the three biggest patent filing mistakes companies are making when drafting and filing their patent applications domestically and worldwide. While his suggestions on how to combat them won’t guarantee zero risk, they will decrease the chance of […]

December Employee of the Month: Ethan Zhang

Congratulations to Ethan Zhang on being named MuliLing’s employee of the month for December. Ethan is a native of China and has lived in Utah for nearly a decade. He is an editor and reviser on MultiLing’s Chinese team and focuses on IP work, especially in the areas of telecommunication, computer, and electrical and electronic […]

Which technologies are critical for IP translations?

While machine translations continues to advance, it is never expected to be more than an aid for human translators conducting IP translations, according to an article Jeremy Coombs wrote for In his article, Coombs outlines three technologies that are simplifying IP translations, especially patents: terminology management, translation memory and machine-assisted technologies. All play a critical role, […]

China Leads Worldwide Patent Applications, WIPO Says

With the increasing demand for patent translations we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s no surprise that for the fifth consecutive year, patent applications continued to rise worldwide. According to the 2015 edition of the World Intellectual Property Indicators, there were 2.7 million applications in 2014, contributing to a 4.5 percent increase over 2013. Even […]

Japan, US Lead Patents, Innovations in High-Growth Tech, Says WIPR

Japan, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea continue to drive innovations in three high-growth technologies: 3D printing, nanotechnology and robotics, according to the latest World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR). In fact, these six countries account for 75 percent of all-time patent filings in these industries, with China making significant […]

Patent Quality Redefined: A “Clear” Focus in the US

Patent quality is extremely important, with even one misinterpreted word or phrase risking a potentially invalidated patent. Even worse, if that one word or phrase is then mistranslated into numerous languages, the IP could potentially be invalidated in every country in which protection is being sought.  What does patent quality really mean, though? For years, it’s […]

Is the European Unitary Patent Closer to Reality?

Support from European Union countries for the European Unitary Patent appears to be moving along nicely, with Italy most recently signing up. In his article on the topic on IPWatchdog, MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon updated readers on the status of the new system, which if ratified, will put one patent in effect across all EU member states that […]

Employee of the Month: Always Positive Demri Kuykendall

Congratulations to Demri Kuykendall for being named employee of the month for October. I found her busily working in Mr. Sneddon’s office, enjoying that perk of her recognition! Demri is a translation coordinator and was brought into this position during a peak in translation projects. She started as MultiLing’s first “floating” coordinator, which means she […]

Patent Translation Isn’t Possible Without People—Invest In Them

At MultiLing, we frequently talk about the technology we use for patent translation and the efficiencies it brings. But the truth is, no matter how savvy the technology, we couldn’t translate without people. In his latest Business2Community column, MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon highlights exactly this idea: “While I previously wrote about the importance of building […]