MultiLing at the Patent Information Fair and Conference in Tokyo

Adam lectures on problems inherent in conventional processes for preparing patent translations.

Last month, during the 2011 Patent Information Fair and Conference, Adam Bigelow from MultiLing Japan gave a lecture on the current trends in the translation industry. His lecture focused on how to lower translation costs while maintaining quality by using a single, global translation company with its own translation memory technology. The Patent Information Fair and Conference was held from November 9 to 11 at the Science Museum near the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo. Over three days, more than 18,000 people attended the event. IP professionals from all major Japanese industry leaders were represented. Brian Chandler, Vice President of Development at MultiLing, along with a member of MultiLing´s Seoul office, was in attendance. MultiLing was the only translation company at the event who offered US patent attorneys who are fluent in Japanese. This attracted a great deal of traffic for MultiLing, making the conference a success.
More information about the conference can be found here.