MultiLing Director Jeff Ranck On Getting More Bang For Your IP Buck

jeff ranckInside Counsel recently interviewed MultiLing board member Jeff Ranck about his experience as associate general counsel at Microsoft. While there, the company went from filing 1,000 patents per year to 3,000 per year. Realizing that this couldn’t be done by just adding more headcount, Ranck and his colleagues went to work revamping how their department operated and streamlining their patent filing processes.

A major initiative in the reorganization was to use outsource partners. However, they took a measured approach by identifying what work was best to outsource, identifying partners who could immediately provide value and who would grow with them.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.16.54 AMAs an IP outsourcing company, MultiLing benefits from Ranck’s expertise in streamlining patent filing processes. In addition to its expert IP translations, MultiLing brings value to its clients by building streamlined processes that lower the total overall cost of patent ownership. The partnerships it builds with its customers grow to long-term relationships that benefit both MultiLing and its partners.

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