MultiLing in the News: Adam Bigelow Unlocks the Peculiarities of Filing Patents in Asia

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The March 20, 2014 issue of IPPro Life Sciences includes an article on unique patent filing challenges in China, Japan and Korea by Adam Bigelow, MultiLing regional director for Asia. Unlocking the Peculiarities highlights nuances to consider when filing patents in the different northeast Asian jurisdictions.

AdamBigelowAdam writes: “Filing in these countries comes with a unique set of challenges, from learning new laws and filing processes, to effectively searching patent databases in local ideographic languages, to translating to and from these languages. According to a recent study by the Steinbeis Transfer Institute of Stuttgart, Germany, patent errors arise most frequently with Asian languages.”

For example, did you realize that a Japanese patent translation can be made in four different alphabet character sets, and choosing one over another can result in different interpretations?

Read Adam’s full article for all the details about filing in China, Japan and Korea, and let us know what else you would add to the list.