MultiLing in the News: Legal Translations in Latin America

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The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) blog recently published an article by MultiLing’s director of business development in Latin America, Evelyn Paredes.

In her article, “The Unique Challenges of Legal Translation in Latin America,” Paredes describes the growth of Pacific Alliance countries – Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico – and how an elimination in tariffs is simplifying trade with Asia.

EvelynParedesIs the translation business in Latin America, specifically in these four countries, really prepared to handle the increasing demand for legal translations in the region and beyond?

While most people associate the Spanish language with the Latin American region, the Caribbean, Central America and South America are neither culturally or linguistically homogeneous. And among the 60 percent that do speak Spanish, each country has different local dialects, as well as rich cultures and radically different laws based on these cultures. As a result, translating legal documents requires much more than precision and technical expertise in the legal texts of the countries involved. It also requires a thorough understanding of the country’s law, dialect and the local culture.

In addition, as more global companies look to do business with Asian companies, they will need to find translation service providers who also have expertise in the languages of the countries in which they want to do business – Chinese, Japanese or Korean – as well as their Latin American language.

Read the full article in the MultiLing news room for additional considerations when translating legal documents in Latin America.