MultiLing in the News: Managing Risk in Foreign Patent Filings

TGC_logo450x75The world’s largest multinational enterprises file thousands of foreign patents every year to protect their intellectual property. However, as many general counsel know well, even the successful filing and issuance of a patent doesn’t ensure the safety of a company’s intellectual property. 

Michael Sneddon, MultiLing founder and CEO, and Suart Hinckley, MultiLing general counsel, co-authored an article published in the June/July 2014 issue of Today’s General Counsel. “Managing Risk in Foreign Patent Filings” covers how skillful patenting and management of IP can add significant value, protect competitive advantage and provide a powerful tool to negotiate licensing agreements.

To help minimize the possibility of litigation and patent invalidation, focus on three things from the start: the quality of the patent, the quality of the legal counsel, and the quality of the translations that facilitate foreign patent filings aimed at global protection.

Read the full article in Today’s General Counsel, and visit MultiLing’s news room to see more articles.