MultiLing in the News: Three Things You Need To Know About Taking Your Brand Global

uvbqMultiLing’s home in the Utah valley of the Wasatch Mountains is a hotbed of entrepreneurial growth. In fact, the latest issue of a regional business magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, highlights six local startups that have appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank to attract investors to their companies.

Randy Scott is VP of marketing at MultiLing

It’s perfect timing for MultiLing to share what companies need to remember as they set their sites on growth and even going global. Randy Scott, vice president of marketing, provides three tips to neighboring Utah Valley businesses on how not to get lost in translation.

Read the full article in the Spring 2014 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ here.

First, while you are still defining your brand, make sure that the English brand, tagline, logo, slogans and product names are appropriate in any language. This way you can have a consistent brand in every country without fear of offending any audience.

global brandSecond, translate meaning rather than words. Many taglines use a play on words that does not translate into other languages. Understand your core brand and communicate that, while localizing words and products to appeal to regional audiences.

Third, translate the look and feel, as well as the text. Colors and white space are used differently in different cultures and an understanding of those meanings can enhance or detract from your brand.