Nurturing the Next Generation of Business Leaders

MultiLing feels strongly about supporting our local communities and encourages our employees to help develop the next generation of international business – and translation – leaders in any way possible.

On Friday, November 9, two members of our Chinese team served as judges at Brigham Young University’s (BYU) Business Language Case Competition. Jason Yang and Will Liu mentored students as they offered valuable feedback on their presentations.

The BYU Business Language Case Competition provides business students with the opportunity to showcase their theoretical business knowledge and foreign language skills, while sharpening their presentation skills with real-life global business situations. The competition also provides excellent networking opportunities for students to make contact with university leaders and corporate executives, who serve asjudges and coaches. Last week’s competition was open to non-native Spanish and Chinese speakers. We greatly appreciate Jason and Will’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of international business leaders and feel honored to be a part of this community event.