With MultiLing Since 1999 – Interview with Senior VP Operations Jeremy Coombs

How long have you been with the company?

I joined MultiLing 14.5 years ago in January of 1999. I happened across a newspaper ad and applied, despite the position being far beyond my skills or experience. However, I recognized MultiLing as being part of an industry that I was very interested in entering given my foreign language experience and love for linguistics and culture. I fortunately found a good fit.

What is your oldest memory of the company?

My oldest memory is my first day. I was immediately trained on our translation memory technology and started processing projects within my first hour of work. I also remember sitting around our old oak conference table in a room barely large enough to fit the table (which had to be set diagonally in the room to accommodate). There were so few of us back then, it’s sometimes hard to believe we’ve gone from a company that fit around that table to a corporation that now spans the world.

What have been your roles and responsibilities in the past and now?

I started as an assistant project manager. As we grew I picked up responsibilities over desktop publishing and software localization. I was even our IT person for 4-5 years and built many of MultiLing’s computers. I was also our original Language Team Leader, communicating with all of our translators worldwide. As the company grew, each of these responsibilities branched out into new positions and eventually teams and departments. Through it all, I continued to grow within my project management role to eventually lead a team of project managers and now all of operations as the senior vice president of operations.

How has MultiLIng changed since you started?

My first year with MultiLing was a rough one for the company. We faced many challenges and had to significantly retool and rethink processes. We came out of that time leaner and more prepared to face rapid growth than we would have been otherwise. Our growth has been phenomenal, but we’ve been very capable of riding the wave. What is interesting is the thing that hasn’t changed…our values and commitment to the company as a family. I feel the same joy and pride now at a party with hundreds of employees as I did in 1999 with only a dozen.

Over the years, we’ve seen many key contributors come and go. Many have had long-lasting influence on our processes and culture. We’ll continue to grow, diversify and improve. This is something I very much look forward to.

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment(s) since you started with MultiLing?

I’ve been given the space and opportunity at MultiLing to thrive as an individual and leader. It’s hugely fulfilling to look back at nearly 15 years of continuous growth, both in revenue and the overall talent of this corporate family, and know that I’ve been a key contributor to that. Weathering storms and riding waves and then witnessing the potential of the group become reality is one of my greatest accomplishments.

How have you seen the company change in the last year?

This last year has been one of rapid change. We’ve taken large steps to solidify our place as a large competitor in the localization space. With a focus on broadening sales efforts and scaling operations to meet the demand, much has changed and will continue to evolve. What has not changed is our culture and our desire to produce a very high quality product for our customers.

How do you expect the company to change this year, its 25th anniversary?

This year, we’re going to see some very fun changes. We’re going to see rapid growth in our technology – growth that will push our teams to much greater potential. We’re going to see new teams forming in new areas of the world. MultiLing’s reach will continue to expand globally as will our contribution as a thought leader in the industry.

Where do you hope the company and industry are 25 years from now?

I believe our industry will look very different in 25 years. The landscape is already rapidly changing. Despite how localization is performed 25 years from now, I would expect MultiLing to be on the forefront of enabling technology solutions that help our partners communicate globally.


About Jeremy Coombs

VP Operations Jeremy CoombsJeremy Coombs joined MultiLing as an assistant project manager in 1999 and is currently the company’s senior vice president of operations. He manages large-scale translation and localization projects for companies such as Dell, LSI Corporation, Qlogic, and Intuit. During the last few years, Coombs helped develop MultiLing’s Fortis translation memory system, the Semantis® terminology management system and the GoldenEye® project tracking/workflow system. Coombs received a bachelor’s degree in linguistics with an emphasis on computer science and Scandinavian studies from Brigham Young University in 2000. A native English speaker, Coombs is also fluent in Finnish and Swedish.