European Patent (EP) Validation Services

European Patent
(EP) Validation

End-to-end validation
support. Easy.

Forget having to research, compile, and communicate unique requirements during the national phase of your European Patent Validation.

With one email, you can turn the entire European Patent (EP) validation process over to MultiLing. We know the rules and filing requirements for each jurisdiction. Plus, our workflow management system monitors deadlines, so we can personally manage timely submission. You’re notified when the job is complete.

Shrink Overhead

When you can initiate EP validation with a single email, you not only reduce administrative load but you can also reassign valuable internal resources to tackle more meaningful work.

Manage Costs

Assigning MultiLing to manage EP validation makes the process more streamlined and cost efficient. Our nominal service fee compares favorably with alternative fee schedules.

Build Efficiencies

We don’t charge clients for work in jurisdictions where language and filing efficiencies exist. Plus, we add a dose of transparency to the process. You get one itemized bill for everything.


We Work With Your People

Teamwork and collaboration are important to us. MultiLing has established strong relationships and favorable validation rates with foreign associates all over the world. We appreciate the value of those relationships. That’s why we also seamlessly integrate with your preferred network of foreign associates.

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