International PCT Filing Management

Streamline the process with foreign agents and admin tasks.

Main benefits

Shrink Overhead

With a single email, you can initiate an international PCT filing with MultiLing, reducing your administrative load. We handle the rest, so you can focus your time on other tasks,

Manage Costs

Our service fee is nominal compared to other options. Plus, invoicing is straightforward, so you can quickly see the value in partnering with us.

Simplify Support

MultiLing doesn’t rest until we verify and communicate with you that the filing is complete. If needed, we’re on-call throughout examination to translate office actions.

Simplify your process.

Let us coordinate agent instruction and the gathering of formality documents in addition to translating your patent application, so you can reduce the number of administrative tasks from your list. You simply send us any instructions and our PCT Filing Management service handles all the workflow. We work directly with foreign agents to track deadlines and alert you with timely notifications. We ensure filing instructions are accurate and manage the delivery of formality documents. We do it all, so you can focus on more important matters.


Ke Le, Director of Intellectual Property, Teradyne.

“Our intellectual property is extremely valuable. Even one inaccuracy in translation can change the scope of the patent coverage,” Le said. “We couldn’t risk that happening.”

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