Specialized IP Translation Teams

MultiLing’s teams of highly specialized translators are the foundation of our unique centralized model. In fact, we ensure that every hand that touches your documents is intimately familiar with both the language and scientific nature of your project.

In addition to being translation experts with degrees in language translation or linguistics, the majority of our translators:

  • Hold graduate degrees in various scientific fields
  • Keep up-to-date with the terminology and developments relevant to our customer market segments
  • Are knowledgeable in multinational patent translation requirements
  • Exceed the expectations of MultiLing’s rigid translation and documentation processes
  • Have a minimum of five years patent translation experience

This ensures you receive the most accurate, highly specialized and secure translations.

Even better, with MultiLing’s detailed and standardized processes, you know which project managers are driving your projects, their skill level and credentials, what specifically they are doing, and the status of each step in the process.