Case Studies

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Since 1988, Global 500 multinational enterprises wanting to expand their global reach have looked to MultiLing, as experts in corporate patent translation services, for specialized IP translation and related services for patent filings . Over the years, we’ve defined and continued to drive the industry’s best practices for foreign patent filings. Global 500 legal teams at enterprises such as Procter and Gamble, Yokohama Rubber and Teradyne have realized improved efficiencies that consistently result in increased patent filings, decreased office actions, reduced invalidation risk and faster time to grant. MultiLing helps many of the world’s largest companies translate their most important documents.

For well over a decade, Procter & Gamble has trusted MultiLing to translate patents into dozens of languages. Before migrating to MultiLing, the multinational consumer products company was burdened with more than 20 translation teams managed locally by their respective foreign agents—all without centralized project management or even anticipated completion dates.

Case Study: Procter & Gamble Increases Foreign Filings without Increasing Cost

In 2001, Procter & Gamble (P&G) was faced with a major decision: cut costs or reduce the number of foreign patent filings to meet its budget. P&G files hundreds of patent applications annually in more than 30 countries and holds approximately 35,000 patents, making its portfolio one of the largest and most valuable patent portfolios in the world. However, with translation costs rising, markets and foreign jurisdictions expanding, and management complexity exploding, some dramatic changes had to be made.


Case Study: Teradyne Ensures Quality Patent Translation with MultiLing
When Ke Le started as Teradyne director of Intellectual Property in 2010, he immediately recognized the need for high-quality translation. “Our intellectual property is extremely valuable. Even one inaccuracy in translation can change the scope of the patent coverage,” Le said. “We couldn’t risk that happening.”


With 160 attorneys, scientific advisors and patent agents who specialize in intellectual property, Brinks Gilson & Lione (Brinks) is one of the largest IP law firms in the United States. Clients around the world use Brinks to help them identify, protect, manage and enforce their intellectual property. Brinks attorneys provide expert advice on patents, trademarks, unfair competition, trade secret and copyright law.

In 2013, a small pharmaceutical company working with Brinks had successfully obtained European patent rights, which meant its patent needed to be validated in each country where the company wanted its rights preserved. The client initially felt it could afford to validate the patent in 10 countries (a handful of which required translations), but the initial quote by a foreign agent was significantly higher than the patentee believed it should invest. The client was concerned it would need to cut back on the number of countries in which it was seeking validation, consequently forgoing IP protection in some countries.

After receiving the request for a quote from Brinks, MultiLing knew it could apply the industry best practices it has defined and driven throughout the years to satisfy the needs of Brinks and its client. MultiLing also knew it could do this work at a significantly lower cost, enabling the client to validate its patent in even more countries than it originally thought possible.


Case Study: With more than 300 chemists on staff, CARBOGEN AMCIS AG, a Switzerland-based company, is a premier drug development and commercialization services provider to top pharmaceutical companies around the world. Since 2009, MultiLing has translated and formatted the company’s complex, precise chemical process documentation. To accomplish this, MultiLing employs highly specialized chemists who are also accomplished translators.


Case Study: Thermo Fisher Scientific, a pioneer in the technology market, enlisted the services of MultiLing to achieve high-quality scientific translations. With extremely technical and scientific language, Thermo Fisher Scientific needed a language services company that could translate everything from business letters to infrared spectroscopy for semiconductor analysis in Chinese. MultiLing’s experienced, in-country translators and skilled desktop publishers created a seamless end product that preserved the look and feel of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s original documentation, and was able to go directly from the desk to the printer. MultiLing’s highly developed terminology system and translation memories helped produce a consistent, accurate technical translation in a short amount of time.