Quality Control

The Need for Quality

MultiLing’s primary goal is to provide error-free translations.

Enterprises regard quality as the most important project requirement, followed closely by timeliness and budget control. Improvements in quality lead to personal, team, and organizational success.

To this end, MultiLing’s unique model drives rigorous, redundant quality controls carried out by both technology and skilled team members at multiple steps in the translation process. MultiLing’s diagnostic workflow process focuses on enhancing quality by constant improvement, increased efficiency, and the elimination of errors. These principles have been applied to the business model along with the production team process.

MultiLing’s Process

Customized client checklists, which can be viewed by you throughout the translation process, ensure that no steps are skipped and that reviews and quality assurance are being conducted as promised.

Indeed, our culture of teamwork focuses first on optimizing processes, automating them, and then applying preventive—rather than corrective—quality control procedures. The combination of technology, organizational structure, and quality control processes, all organized within a complex production environment, is unique to MultiLing within the translation industry.

Preventive quality control includes:

  • The collection of reference files, making them available to our translators
  • Terminology management and automated terminology usage
  • Checking of incoming materials and data and corrective measures on the source data, if required
  • Task analysis and project planning
  • Careful preparation of project before starting the main translation work
  • Protecting tags and formatting information
  • Reviewing source files to validate document design and file integrity

Our exceptional quality control processes meet or exceed the requirements of the translation industry’s leading standard organizations and certifications, including:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certification
  • ISO 17100: 2015 Translation Services Certification
  • ASTM F2575 Guidelines adherence

  • SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric Task Force

  • LISA Metric
  • ATA Metric
  • Translation QA Evaluator (US Patent 7653531)