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A healthy industry. A modern process.

Science and health-based companies have very little room for error in the work they conduct each day. If your company follows market trends, your filing demands are going up, but your budgets are not.

Your organization spends millions of dollars in R&D and thousands of hours creating source documents in your native language to protect your IP. You then hand off the source documents to domestic counsel or random foreign agents in various countries, who use disconnected translators with no incentive or means to collaborate. This old model is full of delays and extra costs.

Compare that to our healthy modern process. We provide a centralized digital platform, Savanta™, where you simply enter a project and we handle the rest. We use a large network of native subject-matter experts who have advanced science degrees, so you depend on receiving an accurate translation. Then we combine that with our artificial intelligence platform that finds efficiencies and keeps everything on time and under budget. Best of all, you have complete transparency at every step throughout the process.

How we can help.

MultiLing offers life science translation services that use advanced, proven technologies to manage your unique terminology and establish deep collaboration between scientific linguists in the languages that matter most for your patent filings—resulting in improved quality, reduced time to grant, and more filings for your budget.

Learn how life science clients have reduced office actions and litigation risks and decreased time to grant by engaging with MultiLing to manage their IP translation and patent filings.

Success Story

Ke Le, Director of Intellectual Property, Teradyne.

“By working with MultiLing, we’re able to get our patents granted more quickly and cost-effectively, and we are confident that they are accurately translated and localized for each jurisdiction.”

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