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As digital grows, so does your need for quality translation.

The data on IT patent filings.

The world is going digital, and the numbers for IT patent filings are no different. According to the latest World Intellectual Property Organization statistics, computer technology accounted for the largest number of patent applications in 2013, with 126,897 worldwide. Patent filings in digital communications recorded an 8 percent annual growth rate, the highest rate between 2006 and 2010, reflecting the shift toward widespread use of digital technologies.

As more and more companies must transform to digital, the need for innovation and IT patents is only increasing. Fortunately, MultiLing has the expertise to help you not just keep up, but find a business advantage in speed.

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With this massive growth in tech, we’ve made the investment in resources to ensure you have access to the right talent. For example, MultiLing has dramatically added translation team members with PhDs and master’s degrees in technology-related fields, making us experts in technical patent translation.

Consequently, the multinational companies that employ our top-of-the-line technical patent translation services continue to realize improved efficiencies that result in increased patent filings, decreased office actions or invalidation risk, and an increased time to grant.

Our commitment to provide you with quality translation through a faster digital workflow—all at less cost. We’re ready to help you with all your IT patent translation needs.

Success Story

Procter & Gamble

P&G doubled the number of international filings with little or no increase in spend. (A direct result of increased efficiencies — 40 percent of this can be directly attributed to MultiLing.)

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