Legal Document Translation Services

Trust a team of experts who know the legal world.

Main benefits

Reduce Risk

Our advanced workflow management system, Savanta™, backed by veteran project managers, ensures consistent and timely delivery for any court-ordered deadline.

Cut Costs

Using MultiLing’s legal document translation services often makes the process more cost-efficient with Reference Quality translation where appropriate.

Stay Focused

Think of us as your dedicated project management team. Centralizing your legal translation services with MultiLing allows your staff to focus on more important work.

The right words do matter.

For more than 30 years, MultiLing has helped corporate legal teams and outside counsel with legal document translation, improve cost, convenience, and consistency of translation along the way.

Legal document translation requires much more than a standard translation. You have to know proper sentence structure, correct syntax, and the appropriate word selection for each use case.

If your clients are like others in the market, their demands are increasing and yet budgets are not. In today’s world, the cost of legal services is substantial. From litigation to legal office communication, MultiLing provides efficient and cost-effective legal translation services.

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