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When it comes to trusting your international patent translation to a partner, the right words matter, along with timing, quality, value, and cost savings. Because patent translation services can get complicated, you need a partner who can handle the entire process while exceeding all your expectations. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Translation services are

More than Google translate.

With patent translation services, there’s more to the meaning and nature of legal language than simply finding someone who translates or using translation software. We work with more than 3000 language specialists who are also subject-matter experts with advanced degrees and years of experience in patent work and specific industries relevant to your project. And we understand the process to avoid setbacks and cut costs.

We set the industry standard.

MultiLing pioneered the centralized translation model that disrupted the industry. Our global technology platform, Savanta™, gives you visibility and access to your project at all times, so you’re not wasting time contacting a foreign agent. As we continue to innovate, we bring together not just the best experts, but also artificial intelligence, best practices in filing management, and holistic cost saving strategies that help you finish your projects with the highest standards of quality, speed, and value.

Why our process works better.

Unlike a traditional model where you communicate with outside agents in many countries, Savanta™ offers instant visibility at every step. It also allows us to use automation to decrease office tasks, speeding up your time to grant. With the entire process digitized, you can streamline your workflow and save both time and money. Of course, we also have a variety of experts who add their personal touch along the way.

Our clients. Their stories.

A global semiconductor manufacturer is able to increase translation quality and lower overall costs.

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EP Validating Service

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Minimize costs while maximizing efficiency.

Prior Art Translation

Reduce risk with a network of experienced translators.

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