The Win-Win Case for Building Outsourced IP Teams – Repost

By Michael Sneddon With global patent filings at an all-time high, and budgets and resources often remaining flat, it’s no surprise that corporate intellectual property (IP) professionals and their law firm partners are feeling overwhelmed. In fact, according to key findings from the CPA Global’s 2014 State of the IP Industry Survey, published Oct. 27, […]

Protecting IP 101: Three Characteristics of a Quality Patent Translator

By Michael Sneddon For the inexperienced company preparing to expand internationally, seeking, finding and qualifying competent patent translation services to assist with overseas patent applications or other technical translations isn’t necessarily a high priority. It should be, however, as even one inaccurate or confusing translation can jeopardize the entire operation, or at least potentially cost […]

MultiLing quietly translating international business into money

By Karissa Neeley, business editor MultiLing is a hugely global company not very well known in Utah Valley. From its office on the sixth floor of the Zions Bank Financial Center in Provo, the company provides highly accurate and scientific patent translation services for large corporations conducting international business all over the world. The company […]

Will More Capital Pour Into Utah Companies?

One growth equity investment firm based in North Carolina has its eye on Utah businesses. Frontier Capital – which invested in MultiLing in August of 2013 – announced last week that it closed on Frontier Fund IV, L.P., a $390 million growth equity fund investing in lower middle market software and technology-enabled business services companies. […]

How Quality IP Translation Speeds IP Protection While Reducing Both Risk and Costs

By Stephen Jenei (Written by Michael Degn, Multiling) Protecting your intellectual property, whether domestically or internationally, is traditionally a complex and costly process. On an international scale, that cost is largely due to translations, with the largest patent filers often budgeting millions of dollars each year to ensure accurate translations are localized for each country […]

The Value of People Remains Despite Growth of Machine Translation Market

By Jeremy Coombs New reports forecast growth of the machine translation market at nearly 25 percent in the next four years, with technological improvements likely along the way. With such expectations, it’s tempting to believe computers will soon translate well enough that there will be no need for human translators. It’s not time to give […]

Inside Views: A Look At The Huge Upswing In China Patent Filings

By Michael Sneddon While China’s reputation for producing imitations of everything from cars to computers continues to linger, it doesn’t appear to be a deterrent for foreign corporations as they increasingly seek protection for their innovations. In fact, according to the 2014 edition of the World Intellectual Property Indicators, for the third year, China’s State […]

EPO Validation 101: Maximizing Efficiency of a Streamlined Process

By Michael Sneddon, president & CEO, MultiLing Protecting intellectual property in European countries can be simplified by filing a patent application through the European Patent Office (EPO). Yet, a patent grant from the EPO is only the first step in protecting an invention in European countries. The inventor also must file additional applications, referred to […]