Filing Patents in Asia 101

By Adam Bigelow, Director, Asia Region, MultiLing Filing patents in any foreign country comes with a unique set of challenges, from learning new laws and filing processes, to effectively searching patent databases in local languages, and translating to and from these languages. When translating to and from Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, these […]

Corporate IP: How outsourcing made Microsoft a patent powerhouse

After putting the company among the top-10 patent filers in the US, ex-Microsoft attorney Jeffrey L Ranck reveals how to implement a successful outsourcing strategy Jeffrey L Ranck, Schwegman Lundberg Woessner IP Attorneys and MultiLing As Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” […]

3 Reasons Outsourcing Patent Translations Protects IP Worldwide

By Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations, MultiLing Outsourcing patent translations and other intellectual property (IP) services is a $3 billion industry and growing, due to European and U.S. patent reform coupled with an increase in patent applications globally. For example, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reports nearly 100,000 pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent applications are filed […]

The Win-Win Case for Building Outsourced IP Teams

By Michael Sneddon With global patent filings at an all-time high, and budgets and resources often remaining flat, it’s no surprise that corporate intellectual property (IP) professionals and their law firm partners are feeling overwhelmed. In fact, according to key findings from the CPA Global’s 2014 State of the IP Industry Survey, published Oct. 27, […]

Why China is on top of the global patent filing system

By Juliana Kenny, with input from Adam Bigelow The World Intellectual Property Organization detailed its findings for global patent filings in 2013, and the numbers show China on top by a landslide. Seeing double-digit growth, the country topped the U.S. and Japan — in second and third places respectively — having filed about a third […]

Establish and Maintain A Successful Working Relationship

By Michael Ramich Building a trusting, working relationship is critical for the start and continuation of any business relationship. Last summer marked the culmination of a project nearly 18 months in the making: Frontier Capital’s investment in MultiLing, a company that specializes in intellectual property translations and foreign patent filings. What took so long? Getting […]

Six Steps to Protecting Your Innovation Worldwide through the Patent Cooperation Treaty

By Michael Sneddon While Global 500 enterprises likely have entire legal teams – and big budgets – focused on protecting their intellectual property (IP), smaller companies and individual inventors most often have much smaller budgets, and subsequently, much fewer options on where they can seek protection. As a result, many of their inventions are only […]

The Real Cost of Accurate IP Translations

By Lyle Ball With global patent activity increasing, especially to and from Asian language markets, translation errors in patent applications are increasingly wreaking havoc. Companies of all sizes value the need to file patents in multiple jurisdictions to protect their IP, especially the resulting global revenue those patents generate. When it comes to obtaining quality IP […]

Getting more bang for your IP buck by outsourcing patent services, Pt 2

By Rich Steeves, from interview with Jeff Ranck In part one of this story, Jeff Ranck, now senior counsel at Schwegman Lundberg Woessner IP Attorneys and former assistant general counsel at Microsoft, talked about the tech giant’s attempts to triple its patent filings without increasing staff. Now, we’ll take a look at the role outsourcing […]