The Unique Challenges of Protecting Intellectual Property in Korea: Part III of an Interview with MultiLing’s Adam Bigelow

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More than 200,000 patent applications were filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) during 2013, an 8.3 percent growth rate over 2012, according to KIPO’s annual report (released May 9). This positions the office as the firth largest volume of filings around the world after China, the United States, Europe and Japan. More than 44,600 of those applications came from companies outside of Korea, the greatest number from the Japan (16,297) followed by United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and China, all showing a significant growth rate over 2012.

With the increased interest in filing for patent protection in Korea comes an increased need for foreign patent filers especially to understand the unique challenges associated with filing patents with KIPO. This post finishes up my series with Adam Bigelow, who serves as the director of MultiLing’s Asia region and as a result, is highly knowledgeable about the legal and language issues in this region.

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