Patent Office Action Translation

Minimize costs while maximizing efficiency.

Main benefits

Fast and Efficient

Let us handle the translation of your patent office actions with a quick turnaround and lower cost.

Manage Costs

Often office actions do not require premium translation. Because we are a committed partner, we offer Reference Quality service, with translation at a discounted rate.

Simplify Support

We’re on-call post-submission to translate office actions in a timely fashion. Our fast, efficient translation will help speed the resolution.

Actionable and accountable.

Our translation services cover a wide range of needs, including any office action translation. Your counsel may be an expert in semiconductor patent law, but she may not be fluent in Thai and Chinese. When office actions come up, our translators can help make the process seamless.

We offer discounted Reference Quality translation services to help you minimize translation costs while speeding up the process. This allows your inside or outside counsel to focus on what they do best.

Our top-quality patent translation reduces the number of office actions relating to translation error. Sophisticated technology is key to maintaining consistent and accurate translation across languages.

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Success Story

A multi-national consumer products company doubled the number of international filings with little or no increase in spend. (A direct result of increased efficiencies — 40 percent of this can be directly attributed to MultiLing.)

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